This is me!

Hi, I'm Lam Cao.

Welcome to my website!

I am a student majoring in Computer Science and a soon-to-be software engineer. I like to build stuff and solve programming problems. I worked as a Math/Computer Science tutor for almost 2 years. Now I'm a part-time student and an indie game developer in my free time.

More about me

What I have done so far


My Website

This website is built using Asp.Net Core 2.0 along with bootstrap and jQuery on the front end. It has a built-in blog that allows the admin (me) to create new and edit blog posts right on the site (though there is no content ... yet). There is also a membership service so I can invite my friends to edit the articles without giving away my admin credentials. The development is still going. The content is to be updated regularly!

Work Experience

Salt Lake City, UT

October 2015 - May 2017

Salt Lake Community College

Math/Computer Science Tutor

  • Teach and explain fundamental concepts of Math and Computer Science
  • Customer Service


August 2015 - Present

University of Utah

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - May 2018

  • Capstone project: Visual-J, an educational graphical reversible Java debugger that visualizes data and abstract structures in stack and heap memory.

January 2013 - July 2015

Salt Lake Community College

Associate of Science in Computer Science & Information System