"About me" stuff

I studied at University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Throughout my education I worked hard to become a well-rounded software engineer with a diverse skill set: software development including web and mobile, algorithm, database, theoretical computer science, etc. I'm also interested in projects that involve hardware. As the "software guy" of the team, I don't really design the hardware, I write software that runs underneath.

In my free (and alone) time, I make/clone/experiment/play simple games and mechanics with Unity.

A bit of my software development philosophy

Programming is a progress of deep thinking. Typing happens only after a decision has been made.

I enjoy working in a team environment. No one can really build a great large scale software on his or her own. Successful projects the results of excellent teamwork.

I strongly believe in iterative process. While analytical skills are extremely helpful, I often have to try at least a few of the approaches to fully evaluate the technical trade-offs and eventually find out the best solution that meets the design requirements.

Other Interests

Besides coding, I have interest in a lot of things, probably many more than I can handle.

A drawing of myself and my loving girlfriend.

I enjoy many kinds of visual art such as architecture, painting and especially drawing (both traditionally and digitially).

Recently I picked up kendo and iaido as a way to train self-discipline, focus, confidence, etc... Ok fine, I just want to have fun, the benefits are real though.

Big thank to my sensei for letting me use his bogu!

Contact me

I can be reached at: [email protected].

Updated 7/16/2018